Remember about risk

Before deciding to participate in the market Forex, you should carefully consider investment objectives, their knowledge and experience, as well as their ability and willingness to take risks. But most importantly – never invest money in this business, if the loss could have a negative impact on your lifestyle.

Each transaction in the Forex market is highly risky. Any exchange involve risks such as changes in political and economic situation could have a tremendous impact on liquidity, currency, price, etc.

Moreover, with trading on the Forex market is the leverage, which means that any market movement is reflected in the account, increasing multiple sizes. Leverage can work both on you and against you. There is a very real possibility of losing all money invested in an initial margin, and it may be necessary to make additional funds available to support the position. If you are not satisfied the requirement for compulsory in-time replenishment margin, your position will be closed, and you will have to pay for all possible losses. Investors reduce the risk to which they are exposed to, using protective strategies, such orders as «stop-loss» and «limit».

There are also risks associated with the use of working through the Internet, computer software, including the risk of disruption or denial of equipment and programs.

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